About Mubarat

Mubarat is a sport application that connects all footballers in a single platform to allow them book games easily and enjoy the beautiful game!

Download Mubarat mobile application and prepare to have an awesome time collaborating with your team.  


Connect All Footballers

Mubarat is a sport application that connects all footballers in a single platform.


Book Games Online

Book games at any time of your choice with few simple and easy methods of online payment and credits.


Create & Manage Teams

Mubarat allows you to create and manage your own team and find random teams to play against.



Start Chatting with your friends and anonymous players to invite them to your team and compete in the upcoming matches!


Player Ranking System

Find your own player rating and player rank in the Mubarat leaderboard and compete with your friends and all other Mubarat players.


Sports Shopping

View sport related products and Purchase items from your favorite vendors with Easy payments and easy deliveries.

Download Mubarat

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Mubarat Background

The idea of Mubarat application was born on September 2017 by a young architect who was still studying at Kuwait University, college of architecture. He loves football more than anything else, and so he spent his time to develop this application idea that is complex from its kind, aiming to help the football community and provide them good services. In the end, it’s the beautiful game that everyone loves.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Terms And Conditions


Lyra SaaS Landing Page Template uses visitors’ data for the following general purposes:

  1. To identify you when you login to your account
  2. To enable us to operate the Services and provide them to you
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Privacy Policy

I hereby declare that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions set forth in the below privacy policy, and I further agree and abide to it without any objection.


Privacy Policy


The privacy policy shows the information which is gathered, and how to use and exchange it, together with your choices with respect to how to deal with such information.

This policy applies to all the users of “Mubarat App”, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy.


  • Gathering of Information

When using the App, you will provide us with your own information or data that may include your name, contact information, financial or banking information for paying or receiving the due amounts against the services we offerthrough”Mubarat Platform” at the time of your usage of the aforesaid services. Then, we will gather this information with the information which belong to the other users in order to improve our services offered to you.

The following information will be gathered by the Company:

  • Personal Information: We may require or gather the information identifying your identity, which can be used to know or contact you, in the context of using the App.

The personal information includes your name, e-mail address, Civil ID Card No., and mobile no.

  • Banking Information: The banking information shall be gathered in order to enable us to transfer our banking entitlements to our bank account on a direct basis.
  • The Information Gathered Automatically When Using the App:
    • The Company shall gather the information related to your interaction with the App, including the dates and times of using the App, and the App’s used advantages.
    • The App enables the communication between users by sending text messages, and the Company shall receive the information related to the sent texts, the dates and times of sending the text, together with the sent contents and photos in order to provide this feature. Further, the Company may use this information to provide the customer support services, including the settlement of disputes between users, and also to improve the App’s services.
  1. Usage of Information
    • The Company shall use the information and data gathered through the App as follows:
      • Provision of service and improving thereof, complete your transactions, processing of your enquiries and registration, verifying the authenticity of your submitted information, and complying with the internal operational purposes.
      • Implementation of the internal operations required to provide our services, including the exploration of software faults and operational problems, analysis of data, testing and researches, monitoring and analysis of the usage and activity indicators.
      • Contacting and sending the newsletters to you, providing you with the marketing or promotional materials on behalf of the Company or third parties and the other information which may be useful to you. Whenever your decide that you will no longer desire to receive these calls from our end, so please follow the instructions mentioned in the sent e-mail message.
      • The Company may execute the laws and abide thereto, carry out the investigations, protect the rights of the Company or any third parties, protect the public safety or any particular person, and the Company may use the identifiers of devices to identify the users of App.
      • Usage of users’ reviews so as to encourage the improvement of performance by users, and as a basis of revoking the activation of users who have reviews below the minimum required limit.
      • Testing, searching, analyzing, and developing of products which enable us to improve and enhance the safety and security of our services, and develop new features and products.
      • Investigations, settlement of claims, and resolution of disputes related to the usage of App.
  1. Exchange and Disclosure of Information

The information gathered by the Company may be exchanged as follows:

  • Exchange and Disclosure of Information On Legal Grounds and in case of the Arising of a Dispute:
  • Your information shall be disclosed if the Company thought that such action is binding by virtue of a law, regulation, court order, or pursuant to the instructions of investigation authorities. Such disclosure may be made to the Police Service, Public Prosecution, General Department of Investigations, or any third parties as necessary to execute the terms and conditions of using “Mubarat App” and protect the Company’s rights, or in case of the arising of a dispute with respect to the usage of App. Moreover, the Company may disclose your information to third parties in conjunction with the negotiations for a merger, selling of the Company’s assets or reconstructing or refinancing thereof, or during the aforesaid negotiations.
  • Exchange of Information and Disclosure Based on your Consent:
    • The Company may exchange or disclose the information in case of previously informing you about such exchange or disclosure, and obtaining your consent on the same.
  1. Retention and Deletion of Information
    • The Company shall retain your personal information throughout the period of your account’s activation and non-cancellation of this activation.

In case of deactivation, the Company shall retain information such as your personal information, contracts entered into with others, bank transfers and reviews for a period not less than 5 years.

  • The Company may retain particular information for the purposes of its business interests, such as prevention of fraud and enhancement of other users’ safety. For instance, the Company may deactivate an account due to the account holder’s conduct, and in which case the Company may retain particular information about this account to prevent this user from creating a new account.
  1. Updating of Privacy Policy
    • We may update this policy from time to time.

If we made any substantial changes, we would notify you about such changes via “Mubarat App” or any other mean such as e-mail, to the extent permitted by applicable laws. In case of your usage of our services after receiving this notification, you shall be deemed to have agreed on our updates of this policy. 

  • We would ask you to regularly review this policy in order to receive the most updated information about our privacy practices. We will also make available the previous versions of our privacy policy for review purposes.
  1. Contact Us:

If you have any enquiries regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us via email (                                                    ), or call us on this number (                                       ).

Return And Refund Policy


Lyra SaaS Landing Page Template uses visitors’ data for the following general purposes:

  1. To identify you when you login to your account
  2. To enable us to operate the Services and provide them to you

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